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Every now and then we run into counterfeit products from shady sellers on the internet. In many cases, the counterfeit product works just as good as the original. And there are even cases where you can’t tell the genuine from the counterfeit. If there is no functional or qualitative difference, there is not much to complain about. But when the item you got is a completely different item, or just not functionally the same, the seller should at least be informed to resolve the problem.

TB6560 stepper driver

A few weeks ago, we bought a batch of TB6560AHQ’s from eBay. The item looked right, and the seller had no negative feedback. All seemed okay. When the TB6560AHQ’s arrived, we mounted them in a board we are developing. The result: overheating IC’s. Both the board and the circuit were checked, and even a specialist was asked to review the circuit and the board. We mounted TB6560AHQ’s from a different batch and the board worked like a charm. Everything seemed right with the second batch. We were completely puzzled. What could it be?

Other circuits, with a similar layout, were checked and nothing strange was found. Finally we discovered a clue that solved our mystery on Youtube: http://youtu.be/BtEYAsMaiFc. (Thanks to Lovas Szabolcs!)

The solution was easy: we checked TB6560AHQ’s from different sources and different batches. And there it was: we got a batch of fake TB6560AHQ’s! The lesson we learned was to always check the internal ground connections, pull-up/down resistors before mounting ICs! The TB6560’s in our shop are all tested on functionality and proven to be genuine. If you need genuine TB6560’s, you can find them here!


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